Our customers are very different, but one thing unites them - until they are alone and want to meet her man, find love and happiness. Family - the main value of life for the majority of men and women. The family - a source of your happiness and joy, support and support in difficult times. The family you are loved, road and need their relatives.

In modern society, career and financial situation, considered major priorities in life and human values, family values ​​we forget or substitute them with others. But sooner or later the man and woman are beginning to rethink their values ​​and think about starting a family, and then the phrase: "I am looking for a wife!”, "I need a man for a serious relationship" does not seem so distracted, and acquire personal meaning and motivate to action.
Where can a man and a woman meet for the long-term and strong relations? At work, Online Dating, in the gym, on the street, in public transport, but actually anywhere, but if you still, in these or other areas, familiarity did not happen - it's time to seek professional help, which will help you find a pair - exactly the, about which you have always dreamed of. Acquainted for serious relationship and family formation are best in the marriage agency!
You no longer need to independently engage in the search for the second half to create a family, looking at a bunch of profiles on dating sites, of which only an insignificant percentage of men and women really are in search of a serious relationship. your calls, goodbye, not yield results, and the desire to continue the search for a partner, for a family, gradually ugasnet. According to the administrators group Me, on dating sites, for a serious relationship percentage of proposals from the married / married, marriage scams, gigolos, gigolo and easy behavior Female typically up to 90%.
Unlike dating sites here you will find men and women, really wanting to create long-term relationships, family and your searches, and meetings will be completely confidential, tk. We do not distribute personal information about our customers on dating sites and other Internet resources.
You do not live stereotypes, that marriage agencies, for losers, it's a delusion! reasons, which man, can not find a life partner, a great many (lack of time, natural shyness, particular work or service, a small circle of friends, and others.). We can help you meet a life partner, start a family and be happy.

Six steps that will bring a meeting with your spouse!

How does marriage agency

  1. You meet with a staff member of the marriage agencies;
  2. Choose package, suitable for you;
  3. Complete a questionnaire about yourself and specify your wishes to the candidate to explore;
  4. We conclude an agreement and sign documents on the protection of your personal data;
  5. We begin the selection and presentation of candidates to explore with you;
  6. You get to know our offers and choose the candidate to explore.

We work for men between the ages of 25 years and women by 20 years , aimed at creating a family.

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